Our Team

Ellen is a writer and a historian at heart, and together with her partner, Devin Sisk, have created several interactive ghost walking tours in the San Francisco Bay area. In 2014 they launched Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours, in 2016, The Sonoma Plaza Ghost Walking Tour, and in 2017 partnering with the Vacaville Heritage Council, they successfully launched the "Haunted Vacaville Ghost Walk". There are plans for additional tours and a mobile tour in the next year or so.

Ellen MacFarlane has been working in the realm of the dead since the age of 5. At age 11 she announced she wanted to “be a parapsychologist” and at the age of 13, she decided it would be a paranormal investigator. Ellen has worked in the field for over 20 years, in teams and alone, under the radar until she started her own team, North Bay RIP in 2011. It was then that she began to work hard at what she considered lacking in the paranormal field, the ability to move between and learn from different teams, individuals, theories to gain knowledge about how ghosts could be studied by the living. Taking what she has learned over 20 years, she expanded her mediumistic abilities to branch out into helping families, and finally law enforcement find missing persons, clues in cold cases, and helping families communicate with their departed loved ones. As a trance medium, she learned to listen to her body, to fine tune her ability to hear messages from the dead, and to translate them in the field to benefit both the living and the dead. In her work in this capacity, she began to advocate for spirit crossings, to ask earth bound entities if they needed help in finding their way into the light. From there, she began a journey into uncharted territory living the paranormal 24/7 with 3 children and a husband in tow.

Devin Sisk started out life as a stand up comedian at the age of 5 when he discovered his need to make people laugh. He grew up a surf rat on the beaches of Pacifica, CA and went on to play in rock bands, and pursue a career in comedy at a young age. He began his journey into the paranormal after a near death experience in 2003 in when he died in the emergency room and was on “the other side” for nearly 17 minutes. During that time, he experienced what it was like to become a ghost, as he tried desperately to communicate with his family before going through the “tunnel” of light. From that day forward, his life drastically changed, and he began to delve deep into the paranormal world for answers. Devin has been a paranormal investigator for 17 years, exploring all realms of the field, including ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, and has studied ley lines and life energy theories. He started out working in teams in the San Francisco Bay Area, but soon found that the questions he needed answered were not being answered. It was then he began to experiment with dowsing rods, testing and documenting answers from the other side. He has become an expert dowser, having worked with the dowsing rods daily for the past 10 years.

Tour Availability

Napa Ghost Tours
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