About Us

Ellen MacFarlane and Devin Sisk bonded over their love for the paranormal and personal experiences with foreign entities. Now they have taken it upon themselves to share this lvoe of theirs with the public. In 2014 they launched Napa City Ghosts & legends Walking Tours.

Ellen MacFarlane is a native Napan who has lived in Napa for over 30 years. She is the proud mother of three boys, likes writing, ghosts and travel. She grew up in Napa and knew by the age of 11 she wanted to work with ghosts. 

Devin Sisk is a Paranormal Investigator and creator of the Benicia Ghost Walk. He has been in the paranormal field for 11+ years, and has logged over 650 cases. He has been featured on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Eye on the Bay and More.

In 2014 they launched Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours, in 2016, the Sonoma Plaza Ghost Walking Tour, and in 2017 partnering with the Vacaville Heritage council, they successfully launched the “Haunted Vacaville Ghost Walk”. There are additional tours and a mobile tour in the next year or so.


  • Unique Experience!

    Once again Devin and Ellen go above and beyond with their interactive ghost walk! I have walked Sonoma, Napa, Vacaville and Flora Springs Winery with Devin and Ellen and not once has there been a boring or quiet experience! Each... Read more...
  • Ghosts that Bump in the Night

    This tour exceeded all my expectations, we literally heard ghosts bumping up against the door of the court house... but only after standing there talking about them for a while. I won't spoil the rest, just go and have fun. Read more...


Tour Availability

Napa Ghost Tours
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