Join us for a new tour in 2020! Meet the ghostly residents who walked on the wild side in early downtown Napa City! Ladies of the evening, and enterprising men who sold dreams and made bank. We will share stories of life in the Napa Asylum, disturbing past. Journey with us around Main Street, First Street and up into what was once the Red Light District in town. We will also share stories of Chinatown, and obscure fascinating facts! As always, we will serve our ghost tour up with a sense of humor, and provide tools of the trade to detect the ghosts. You bring an open mind! Age 15 and Up Please, Due To Content.

Sorry, Groupons not accepted on this tour, only on Downtown Napa tour and Sonoma Tour.

What's Included

2 Hour Tour of Napa’s Downtown & Red Light District. Ghost Hunting Equipment is available for guests.

All Sales are Final, Tours are non-refundable unless we have to cancel due to illness or extreme weather. We will however, reschedule your tour if you wish to come on another date. Groupons are not accepted on this tour.

While we appreciate wine country, (and most of all, SPIRITS!) if you are intoxicated during our tour, sadly we will have to ask you to leave, and no refund will be given. Drunken guests are unfair to sober guests, and lead to bad Yelp reviews. Thank you for understanding!

We will be observing Covid-19 guidelines, masks required, and social distancing. Tour is conducted outside, so we can spread out.

Tour Availability

Napa Ghost Tours
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