Want to meet the ghosts of wine country? Explore the dark but interesting history of Sonoma’s past. Talk to the Native American Spirits who linger near the Mission, and meet the ghosts of Sonoma Plaza. Sonoma never really sleeps, there are spirit people wandering streets just waiting to tell their tales, some may even raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Imagine stepping back in history onto the El Camino Real, (The King’s Highway) and meeting the ghosts that linger near the last Mission on the Mission Trail, Mission Solano. What would you ask them? What would you say? Come and meet the ghosts of Sonoma Plaza, there are too many to count!

Delve into the dark past of Sonoma, the mystery and scandal of one of the oldest and bloodiest cities in California. Meet those who toiled and battled for freedom from Mexico, and learn what dark secrets are hidden just below the surface.

All Tours Start at 8 pm. Tours do not start in the Sonoma Plaza, they start on First Street East in the parking lot of the Sonoma Court Shops.

What's Included

Some of the areas we will be exploring include:

  • The Whipping Tree– Where poor souls were flogged and until their blood soaked the earth. Many did not survive
  • Site of Indian Bear & Rattlesnake Sacrifice Ceremony– Where mysterious anomalies and off the chart meter readings have been taken
  • The Story of Sem Yeto (Chief Solano) last Chief of Sonoma
  • The Bear Flag Revolt & California’s First and only President
  • A mass grave just a few feet below a major thoroughfare off the Plaza
  • City Hall, and the ghost of the Little Boy
  • A Bank Robbery gone bad, and shoot out on the Plaza
  • Former Brothel Locations, and the Ladies of The Night who are still working
  • Mission Solano, a historic church with a dark past and an even darker padre, Father Altimira
  • Meet the ghostly soldiers still haunting the barracks and parade grounds

Meet at 1st Street East, The Large Oak Tree in the Sonoma Court Shops Parking Lot. First Baptist Church is diagonally across the street. The cross street is Patten St.- Sonoma, CA.

Tour Notes:

All Sales are Final. No Refunds. We can reschedule your tour, or and transfer your tickets. If weather is extreme or there is an illness and we need to cancel the tour, we will refund in full.

If we do not meet our minimum tickets sold, tour may be canceled, and we will notify you 6 hours in advance.


Tour Availability

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